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We love success stories, and want you to love results. That’s why we only work with businesses that we know we can help.

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We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation

We would be more than happy to give some actionable ticks and tricks to get you going.

Who is this not for?

If you super short on cash and struggling to put food on the table, this not going to be for you.

You can stick around and act on some of our recommendation we offer and when you are in position to really invest in your business, do feel free to contact us to help you.

Who is this for?

On the other hand, we are only interesting in clients who are in a position to invest in their business and take it to the next level and ready to crunch it in 2019 and beyond.

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We take our business and commitment seriously

We don’t take you money or your time lightly we know everyone including you work really hard for your money.

So in you are just not a good fit for us we are first to gracefully decline the offer to work together.

Why us?

We do not offer “me too” advertising and marketing for clients.

What we offer are:

  • We can help make sure you are not round pegs in square hole – Marketing is about giving value(s).
  • We give you real life actionable tips for a profitable business – Let us help you dominate your space.
  • What make us unique – We help you and your business make a unique statement online,while making your competition irrelevant

    We Can Take Your Medical and Health Care Business To The Next Level

    We build and over the years created and offer perfect solutions for medical professionals.

    Smarter Way To Open Doors

    Our team are pros to help you open doors and take you business to new heights.

    Help You Make Key Business Decisions

    Our expertise includes include help your key decision-makers achieve their goals budget by budget.

    Timing Can Be Critical

    Formulate projected opportunity timelines, so you know when, where and how to pitch various services.

    Knowing who to talk to, and what to say to win more business. Step up your prospecting game and start owning space.

    Real Life Market Intellengce

    Chasing down those you can open doors can surely take up all you day, we do it for you.

    Unlike competitors, our sales intelligence is verified by living, breathing researchers who invest large resources to make sure its right for you.

    We work with - Medical Professionals Such As - : Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Nurses,
    Medical Clinic, Bio , Pharma , Medical Startups and Occupational therapists.

    We are the Health Care Marketing Pros.

    Heath Care Marketing

    Angella Grey

    Our Marketing Specialist / Guru  – I am extremely passionate about social media marketing and search engine optimization. I manage the social media channels for various companies.

    Design Genuis – I’m very passionate about design, colors and website development. I live by the rule great design deliver a very strong presence and message on the digital realms.

    In the 10-plus years that I’ve been traveling, living and exploring various travel destinations.

    Eva Picture

    Eva Krakowski

    Hi, I’m Eva. I’m a Polish traveler, writer and runner living in Montreal Canada.

    About me – I guess you could say that I am the girl next door. I am down to earth, very outgoing and can start up a conversation with anyone, anytime and anywhere!

    I’m curious about the world around me and love taking pictures hope you will join me in my exploration of this wonderful world. I am looking forward to entertain you with my blog postings and pictures from various locations around the world; I would love your feedback.

    Do zobaczenia.

    Our Blog and Knowledge Center.

    We build and over the years created and offer perfect solutions for medical professionals.

    We deliver results


    Awesome !!

    They help us take our local pharmacy to the next level.
    Forever grateful.


    - Jean Pierre ( Local Pharmacy in Montreal )

    We offer a no obligation i.e. - a free initial consultation

    Meeting with marketing professionals for the first time can be intimidating to say the least. For us it is a chance for you to become more informed generally about the marketing process, what we can do for you and how much it might cost you for our services and to see if we are the right match, before we decide to work together.

    It is a opportunity to tell a us about your objectives and your goals.

    Free – There is no charge for the time we spend with you in discussing your needs. Whether it takes us 10 minutes or an hour to meet with you initially, there is no charge.

    Confidential – Even if we do not ultimately act for you, you can be assured that anything you say to us during our free initial consultation will remain confidential.


    Do you know what are three (3) deadly sins
    most Medical Professional make every day?

    ``Being Afraid to Spend Money to Make Money``

    They spend countless hours writing articles, updating status in forums on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc

    Only to get a few visitors who took no action or worst not their ideal clients.

    If you want to get access to real customers you have to spend money period.

    ``Throwing Money At The Wall Without A Plan In Place``

    They are polar outside of “those who are afraid to spend money to make money”.

    They have money and not afraid to spend it, so they create new traffic campaign after new campaign only throwing money at the wall in the hope of succeeding.

    You must have a plan in place -for example do you want more leads, fans of your page etc – you need a clear actionable plan.

    ``Not Having The Proper Sales and Marketing System In Place``

    Where are your ideal customers? How to get to them?
    What make you different and special from the next guy – what is your unique

    value propositions?

    We give you real life actionable tips for a profitable business – Let us help you dominate your space.

    Let Us Help You Growth Your Business

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